This is the program of the SSD 30th, previous Meeting the new program of the SSD 3st will follow soon…


09:30 – 10:00        Coffee + Registration

10:0010:45        Invited speaker 1

Simone Schürle – Engineering soft microrobots for drug delivery and local detection of pathological signals

10:4511:00        Short break

11:00 – 12:00        Session 1

Viviane Lütz-Bueno – Hierarchical Porous Scaffolds for Culturing Complex Tissues: the Scattering of Foams

Dimitri Hürlimann – Bioactive Polymersomes Targeting Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts for Anticancer Therapy

Giovanni Savorana – Bacterial transport in polymer solutions

Viola Bauernfeind – Stable colors: how order and scale geometry make the colourful displays of Sternotomini longhorn beetles angle-independent

12:0013:30        Lunch + Poster session

13:3014:15        Second Invited speaker

Cari Dutcher – Microfluidic Platforms for Studying Surfactant-laden Interfaces and Polymer Solutions

14:1514:30        Short break

14:30 – 15:15        Session 2

Elisabeth Agoritsas – Mechanical response of dense amorphous materials : from passive particle systems to active matter

Lebo Molefe – Surface stress drives large material deformation to smooth compliant solids

Simon Scherrer – Measuring Rolling Friction of Microparticles using Lateral Force Microscopy

15:1515:45        Coffee break

15:45 – 16:45        Session 3

Maryame Bina – Multicomponent solid-supported membranes based on amphiphilic block copolymers mixtures

Florence Müller – 2 Functionalities in 1: Embedded 3D printing of alginate into a SiO2-CaCl2 gel bath

Alexander Torzynski – Surface-Initiated Polymerization From Lipid Membranes

Xiang-Zhong Chen – Soft ceramics at the nanoscale : giant elastic strain and electrically sensitive shape-memory effect

16:4517:00        Closing remarks


Going to the AMI  by public transportation

From Fribourg Main Station :

From the front of Fribourg station, AMI is a five-minute bus ride on the n°1 line (Marly) or 3 (Pérolles).
Get off at “Charmettes” (1 and 3) and walk across the Botanical Garden (Jardin Botanique).

You will require a valid ticket for public transportation in Fribourg zone 10